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McClure Law is here to help you buy and sell your home or business. We offer certainty and peace of mind when you decide to buy or sell a property and take great care in providing a premium level of service for conveyancing in Melbourne and Victoria. We are here to help you with a hassle-free, transparent and successful transaction.

We offer quality legal advice on real estate contracts and Section 32 Vendor Disclosure Statements before you sign. We can negotiate on your behalf and draft special conditions. If you have found a property, we can take care of all the contractual arrangements.

We will handle all “out of court” matters, like documentation, meetings, and office work.

If you’re planning to buy or sell property, you need to understand that hiring a knowledgeable and experienced solicitor is essential. Many legal issues may arise during the course of a property transaction, and it becomes imperative to protect your interests.

Having a qualified, successful team will be of great benefit to you because we will use our experience and technical know how to make sure there are no hiccups during the legal process.

At McClure Law we are skilled in acting on your behalf and giving you up-to-the-minute professional information, with a personal touch. With our vast experience, we can act on your behalf skilfully and steer you through difficult or complex transactions to help protect you and your property in any situation.

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Why Choose McClure Law?

McClure Law is different from other service providers across Melbourne. Our residential and commercial team provide conveyancing and legal services in one go, and we’re ready to step in, if and when you need a lawyer to sort out a problem related to your property deal.

Our team understand that buying and selling property can be exciting and stressful. The friendly and experienced team at McClure Law will give you prompt, affordable service at an exceptional high quality to you and your family. You will have the secure backing of a quality law firm who are ready and willing to advocate on your behalf.

We Can Fight For You If Something Goes Wrong

Conveyancers are skilled at doing the paperwork, but no matter how careful you are, things can and do go wrong. By being conveyancers and property lawyers for Melbourne, we can step straight in and fight for you to get the best possible result– keeping it all in house. We can tell you when you should push for more, and when you should not. Protecting your rights is our foremost priority and we have the knowledge, skills, and correct approach to do it. With years of experience and successful track record, we can make sure that all your property sale/purchase transactions are completed in a fair and transparent manner.

We make sure to stay up to date with the constantly changing laws and regulations, and are able to provide you with advice specific to your circumstances, such as:

  • The right business structures to hold and manage your new house
  • How your sale might impact on divorce proceedings.
  • Make you aware about your rights as a buyer or seller of the property
  • Terms and Condition of the Contract of Sale
  • Help you make well-informed decisions about all matters of law

We Can Save You Time and Money

By having fixed-fees and using the latest technology, we provide the highest service possible, at ultra-competitive rates. We are highly skilled to guide you through what can sometimes be a confusing and costly process. By using the latest technology we ensure your dealings with us are fast, simple and painless. Our property lawyers serving Melbourne community offer first class legal advice and we regularly assist with both interstate and international matters. No matter what the situation you are in, we don’t give up. We will fight for you till the very end because of our strong passion for our work. We can find solutions to the most complex situations because of our strategic thinking.

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